I'm Blaine Hill.  At Simply Stated I attempt to share important Christian ideas in a clear and direct way.  I share my sermons.  Also stuff I just like.

I'm sharing my ideas in a few formats:

  • Follow up for a Sunday School Class called The Journey

  • Reading: Big ideas. Few words. If I can't be right, I will at least be brief.

  • Listening: I'm starting with sermons, but I hope to add some interesting interviews, too.

  • Sharing: There are a lot of remarkable ideas, expressed in interesting ways on the internet. I'll pass on the ones that move, inspire or challenge me.

The most important ideas can be simply stated.   No one can say everything in less than five hundred written words or in three spoken minutes.  We can say something.  I promise to repeat myself, with some variation in medium or point of illustration.  I I invite you to agree, disagree or ask questions.  I will share at least one simply stated idea every week.  I am starting with written pieces of my own and sharing interesting ideas from the internet.  I will add audio in the near future.

Who am I?

I am the Associate Pastor at Lake Murray Presbyterian Church in Chapin, SC since 2015.  My family moved to Soutch Carolina in 2005 to help found the congregation.  I served as pastor of Cherokee Presbyterian Church in Lexington, South Carolina from 2005 to 2016, and the pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Waverly, New York from 2001 to 2005.  I graduated from Hampden-Sydney College ('94) and Columbia Theological Seminary ('01).  I worked with emotionally disturbed boys  in a wilderness program and as business phone equipment salesman before attending seminary.  Ordained in 2001, I am a more theologically conservative person in a more theologically liberal denomination, the Presbyterian Church (USA).  My wife and I have been married since 1996, and we have four amazing children.  I continue to deny the persistent rumors that I paid for my education by spending the summers as a sword swallower in the circus. I was a Boy Scout, but not an Eagle Scout.  Actually, I'm probably still a Boy Scout, but I earned the merit badge for smart mouthing.


If you hear or read something amazing here, please assume I got the idea from somewhere else.  I may include a link to the source or mention the writer.  I usually do not know where my ideas come from.  If I do know the source, and I think it is awesome, I will share it.  Sometimes you will find a link only because I want to be able to trace where the idea originated.

Why do you include your first initial, and what are you hiding behind the V?

I'm not hiding anything behind the V.  It stands for Vernon, and I'm quite proud of it.  This pride probably explains why I include it.