Power of Design

I never thought about flags until I saw this.  Flags give us a chance to say something.  They only work well if they are kept very simple.  But wow do they really work when simplicity guides their design.  I admit, that until recently, I have thought the whole emphasis on design was an attractive sort of silly.  Sure, it is nice to buy a pretty toaster or soap dish at the big box store, but it did not seem to matter.  Roman Mars' has helped me understand that thoughtful design makes a big difference in how we live.  Really good design makes a big difference without us noticing the hard work that went into the design.

If you like Mars here, you can check out more of his stuff here: 99percentinvisible.org 

He seems the master of making some of the craziest stuff interesting: water fountains, old mail, fortune cookies, pizza.  Ok, so I was already interested in pizza.