The Incomparable


The Incomparable is a great podcast for all things Geeky.  They actually have a bunch of different podcast that go further down the geek rabbit hole than I care for, but their main podcast--The Incomparable--is one I don't miss.  Jason Snell gathers a thoughtful and expressive panel for a variety of different topics: books, movies, comics.  I don't give a hoot about Manga, so I skip all those.  Comics get tiresome to me, but these jokers make them interesting to listen about while I'm fixing the fence in the back yard.  But I've been introduced to a pile of good books, and gotten a lot of pleasure in thinking about some great movies.

It is like listening into a thoughtful conversation by intelligent geeks, who I like.  It gives me a chance to listen in to how people outside my little church echo-chamber think, as well.  These folks are having passionate and considered conversation about things they care about, no holding back.